State Income


The State Income Division annually estimates State Domestic Product and District Domestic Product (Current & Constant prices) using the concepts and methodology prescribed by the Central Statistics Office under the system of National Accounts (SNA).  The work relating to the economic classification of state expenditure including Government undertakings and Local Bodies and preparation of standard tables on regional accounts and Capital Formation are also undertaken by this division.  State Income is the measurement, in monetary terms of all the goods and services that an economy within the geographical boundaries of the State, without duplication within a given period of time, generally a year.  All Economic activities including items like agricultural crops, livestock products, fisheries, forest products, manufacture of materials in the registered and unregistered sectors, construction of buildings, roads etc.   and service like medical and educational services, domestic services, hotels, trade, transport and public services etc. Production, receipts, expenditure, services of these industries are analyzed through the methodology followed by National Accounts Division, CSO for sector wise GSDP estimates.





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