Evaluation of Soil Conservation Section


         Evaluation section was started in the Department of Economics and Statistics since 1973.  This division conducts annual evaluation study of the schemes implemented by the Soil Conservation Department.

The Soil Conservation Survey has been conducting regularly in 13 districts, to evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken under Soil conservation, watershed schemes carried out and its impact in crop production, productivity, water level moisture content etc.

The Soil Survey and Soil Conservation department is implementing various soil conservation schemes annually.  From each district (except Wayanad) one scheme which is executed 3 years prior to the survey period has been randomly selected and all beneficiaries under the selected scheme has been surveyed.  The data are collected before and after the scheme implementation period control plots (20% of number of beneficiaries) are surveyed to evaluate production, productivity, water level moisture content etc.  which are not come under the scheme area.

For maintaining the quality data, collection, compilation and report preparation, a State level Training Programme is necessary to the field staff for the proper updation of survey methodology and knowledge updations in the field of conservation activities of soil and watershed development for sustainable development.







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