The housing statistics cell was set up in the Directorate of economics and statistics in 1967.It coordinates the activities of housing cells in PWD and Urban Affairs department. The housing statistics available from PWD and Department of Urban Affairs are collected and reported by this section of DES.

            Housing statistics section of DES collects building statistics from all rural and urban local bodies of the state.The department has started collection of Panchayat level building statistics for rural area of all districts in Kerala from 2001-02 onwards through the District offices of DES in prescribed format for compiling housing statistics on the basis of records maintained by the local bodies. Also this section is collecting building statistics from urban area since the FY 2015-16. The building statistics gives the picture of number of residential and nonresidential buildings completed in each financial year along with details of ownership, type of roof etc.

 The market rate of building material prices of 164 items and wage rate of different type of building construction labours are collecting quarterly from each districts of the state. This information on housing sector is very useful for formulation of housing policies.


Realizing the importance of collection, compilation and analysis of housing and building construction statistics, the ministry of housing and poverty alleviation and National Building Organization (NBO) is being implemented USHA (Urban Statistics for Human resources and Assessment) scheme through DES the agency of USHA scheme in the state. Under this scheme, details of building permits are being collected from selected ULBs with population one lakh and above.As such 11 ULBs are selected under USHA scheme in Kerala.All These data are published in the department website.






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