Basic Statistics For Local Level Development (BSLLD)



The 73rd and 74th amendments of the Constitution envisaged a major reform of Governance which gives more powers to the Panchayat Raj and Nagarapalikas in connection with formulation & implementation of their Annual plan. The Statistical Commission of India, headed by Dr. C. Rangarajan felt the need for local level planning & the significance of generation of local level data. In view of the recommendations of the Statistical Commission in 2001, the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government of India launched the World Bank aided India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP) which is being implemented across the states in India.


                As part of the implementation of ISSP project, the Government of Kerala has formulated the Support for Statistical Strengthening Project for strengthening the state statistical system. One of   the major activities of this project is Basic Statistics for Local Level Development.


1.       Collection, consolidation and analysis of the official statistics available in various government offices functioning in local bodies.

2.       To make available local level data to local self government for preparation of their annual plan.

3.        To utilize the limited resources at optimum level.

4.       To provide local level data for researchers, students and other data users.

Data available at local body level were collected and consolidated based on 2015-16 reference year. Basic data of various sectors were collected in different schedules.

Higher Education, Vehicle Registration, Packaged Drinking Water Units, Wells dug by ground water departments are the  details collected additionally along with updation  in 49 schedules for 2016-17 &2017-2018 survey.


BSLLD online software was uploaded on November 1st, 2018 in the official website of DES for data entry, consolidation and analysis. Dynamic reports can be generated at district, block, panchayat and constituency levels. Reports on various Adhoc surveys conducted by the department and data on first phase of Tenth Agriculture Census were also placed in the portal.


BSLLD survey is a regular survey of the Department. To implement the local level planning effectively steps will be taken to cover more areas in due course.


Various Sectors of Data Collection

1.       Identification & General Status of local bodies

2.       Infrastructure Status

3.       Social & Cultural Facilities available

4.       Details of Registered Markets

5.       Population Particulars

6.       Details of Birth & Death registered in local body

7.       Details of Anganawadi

8.       Classification of area based on land utilization, crop-wise details

9.       Details of animals collected from Animal Husbandry Department

10.   Dairy Co-operative societies,  Dairy schemes

11.   Fisheries

12.   Education

13.   Health

14.   Drinking Water Schemes

15.   Infrastructure facilities in SC & ST colonies

16.   Pension & allowance schemes

17.   Details of Public Distribution System

18.   Details of buildings

19.   Inmates of Orphanages, old age homes, rescue homes & Asha Bhavan

20.   Details of Kudumbashree

21.   Details of Establishments

22.    Details of Bank, Banking Co-operative societies & Non Banking Co-operative Societies

23.   Details of Employment Guarantee schemes

24.   Details of Akshaya  Centres

25.   Details of Burial ground/crematorium

26.   Details of mining and quarrying

27.   Tourist destination details

28.   ANERT scheme beneficiaries

29.   Section wise Electricity connections

30. Details of Crimes

 Sources of Data Collection

1.       Annual Plan Document of Local Body & Deputy Collector (Election)

2.       PWD

3.       local Body/Local Enquiry

4.       2001 & 2011 population Census Report

5.       CRS Data of DES

6.       ICDS Annual Survey

7.       EARAS Data of DES

8.       Agriculture Department/Krishi Bhavan

9.       Animal Husbandry Department/Veterinary Hospital

10.   Block Diary Extension Office

11.   Department of Fisheries/Matsya Bhavan/Matsya Samrudhi Cell

12.   School/AEO/DEO/DDE/DPI/Tech. Education Department

13.   DMO( Allopathy,Homoeopathy,Ayurvedha)

14.    Ayush Directorate

15.   Adhoc surveys of DES

16.   ITDP Project Office (ST Department)

17.   Taluk Supply Office

18.   Social Justice Department & ICDS Block office

19.   CDS (Communal Development Society)

20.   Business register of DES

21.   Lead Bank Manager

22.   AR of Co-Op.Societies

23.   Mining & Geology Department

24.   DTPC

25.   ANERT

26.   KSEB

27.   Police Station

28.   RTO/Sub RTO

29.   Directorate of Industry & commerce

30.   Ground Water Department

           31.    Primary & Secondary data from Schools/Colleges 







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