The Department of Economics & Statistics, Government of Kerala is the nodal agency of the state responsible for the systematic collection, compilation, analysis, objective, interpretation and dissemination of statistics relating to various sectors of Kerala Economy. Kerala is one of the states in India having an well-organized statistical system. The dept had its origin in the scheme 'Improvement of Agricultural Statistics' started in 1949 as a Post War reconstruction Scheme under the Department of Research in the erstwhile Travancore University.

After the integration of Travancore and Cochin States, the Travancore Cochin State Government constituted the Board of Statistics in 1951 with the Director of Research as Chairman and the Secretary to Government Food and Agriculture and the Professor of Statistics as members. Secretary to Board of Statistics also appointed in 1951. The Professor of Statistics and the head of the Department was designated as the Director of Statistics. The professor of Statistics in the University of Travancore was appointed as Director of Statistics in addition to his duties in the University.

In 1956 District Statistical Offices were established in the four districts of the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin State. Consequent on the re-organization of the states in India and the formation of the State of Kerala in November 1956, a portion of the statistical staff of the Madras State was transferred to this Department. In November 1957 the activities of the Department were extended to the Malabar and Kasaragod areas by establishing District offices and Taluk Offices in those areas. In December 1958 the Bureau of Economic Studies was set up by the State Government to carry out research studies on various sectors of Kerala Economy and to render advice to Government on economic issues referred to it. The Bureau of Economics and Statistics was formed by the amalgamation of the Bureau of Economics Studies with the Department of Statistics with effect from 1st August 1963.

In October 1967, the State Planning Board was set up with Director of Bureau of Economics and Statistics as the member Secretary of the Board. Most of the work related to the State Planning Board was done by the officers of the Bureau of Economics and Statistics till 27-05-1972. When the Director of Bureau of Economics and Statistics was appointed as full time Member Secretary of the Board he relinquished the post in the Bureau of Economics and Statistics. During the period of October 1967 to May 1972 the Board and the Bureau functioned together as one entity. In 1980, the name of Bureau of Economics and Statistics has been redesigned as Directorate of Economics and Statistics vide GO (Rt) No.366/80/Plg. dated 8-8-1980. The Directorate of Economics & Statistics is the nerve centre of the State statistical system. Director is the technical and administrative head of the Department. Being the statistics authority of the State he functions as the authority for the collection, processing and dissemination of all statistical data relating to the State economy. In technical matters he is assisted by three Additional Directors and on administrative matters by an Administrative Officer deputed from the Secretariat. For dealing with statistical work there are various divisions in the Directorate, which are headed by Joint Directors and Deputy Directors. A division is further sub divided into sections each dealing with specified subject area.. Each technical section is headed by either an Assistant Director or a Research Officer. Depending upon the workload and nature of work each section is manned by one or more Research Officers and Research Assistants and a few compilers. Each administrative sections is manned by one Administrative Assistant assisted by Senior Superintendent and Junior Superintendent.

Besides the Directorate there are 14 District Offices, each headed by a Deputy Director. The Deputy Director in the District Offices is assisted by one District Officer, one or more Additional District Officers, one Price Supervisory Officer and one or two Research Officers. At taluk level, there is a Taluk Statistical Office, which is the lowest statistical unit in the State. There are at present 61 Taluk Statistical Offices, each under the control of a Taluk Statistical Officer.

Besides the Department of Economics and Statistics, the statistical system of Kerala also include the various statistical cells working in various Departments of the State Government. At present the statistical cells are working in 41 Departments of the State Government. They are manned by personnel drawn from the Department of Economics & Statistics as temporary additions. These cells collect, compile, analyse and disseminate statistical data relevant to the functions and needs of the concerned Department. These cells are headed by officers in the rank of Joint Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Statistical Officer or Research Officer depending upon the volume and nature of work.

We have a full-fledged Computer-Division to shoulder the burden of compilation and report generation.

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